Australian Grand Prix

It was in Bob's meeting report that I offered to host a "watch the Australian GP" event in my garage.  The GP is on in the middle of the night so I"m going to record it and I decided to make the event for 10:00am at my garage (13 James Street) on Sunday the 26th.  BE SURE NOT to check the results and spoil the race.  I will have coffee and tea and some donuts on hand.  And beer if anybody wants some later in the morning.
- Joe

Wednesday's dinner/meeting report

  (Bob E. apologizes for the tardiness of this report.  We left Thursday morning on an inspection trip to the site of this summer's British Car Field Meet in Windsor N.S. and have been up to my hips in grandkids.)

  The Vault on Queen St (site of the second best burgers in the world) saw a small group brave the dregs of the storm to get together for the March meeting. Since we didn't have a quorum and couldn't really hear each other if we had, the meeting part was cut to the bare minimum.
  • Since April's meeting is the same week as Kelvin's St George's Day soiree, we'll hold the meeting then. 
  • There may be a run in early April.  Watch here for possible details. 
  • Joe H. will be hosting an Australian Grand Prix party in his garage on the 26th of March.  Watch here for details. 
  • And most of us agreed that the 'Fat Tony' is indeed the second (maybe the first) best burger in the world. 
Bob E.

FABAC Breakfast March 21st

After the successful breakfast two week ago, it has been decided to make it a regular event.
So, same time, same place: Frank's Finer Diner at 9:00am.
Thanks to Phil for arranging them.

If you didn't get the survey email then I don't have your email address.


There are three animals in this photo:
Luna in the foreground watching her sister
Lakmé about to attack the deer
The deer (We have lots of them.)

What do you think each of them is thinking/saying? (This does not work with dogs as they don't think.)

Hey Joe,
You said you were looking for a challenge?
Bob E.

Bob E's breakfast report

    The first attempt at a bi-monthly breakfast meet was a rousing success.  We saw three new
gentlemen show up (?!) who were obviously excited (and no doubt surprised) to discover a group of
British car enthusiasts in the city. (Actually they have all been members for some time now. - Editor)  We welcomed Don, Tony and Butch to the gathering, then congratulated ourselves on the success of our advertising program—despite it not having gotten off the ground yet. 
     We've decided to vary both the location and day for the breakfasts.  It seems that no one day will
work for everyone.  Watch here for info.
   Bob E.

Phil's breakfast idea flew!

Eleven FABACians enjoyed a breakfast and great fellowship.

Three new faces:
Butch (Jags)
Don from St. Stephen (Mini)
Tony (Rover)

At least 8 planning to attend breakfast Tuesday at 9:00.

Come along if you are hungry, lonely, discouraged, bored, frustrated, in love, or human.
We even expect some first-timers.
See you there.
Frank's Finer Diner March 7th at 9:00

Dumfries Maple Run March 5

     Remember last meeting when we vowed to expand our horizons bit?  That didn't work out so well when the first run of the new year found us, true to form, with our faces buried in the feed trough.   On a viciously cold and brutally windy spring(?) day, we ventured north to Dumfries for last year's maple syrup.  It's been so cold that the sap hasn't been running yet.  This didn't lessen the enthusiasm (or appetites) as we chowed down.  The wiener-shrinking cold (can I say that?) kept the crowds down, giving us lots of elbow room for a change.  This worked out well when we got to serenade John with an out of tune rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.  He then (true to form) popped another quiz entitled 'How old do you think I am'. This puts him in the running for patriarch of the club although Alex may have dibs on the position.
      The day was sunny and comfortable (in our BDDs) and made for a pleasant drive both ways.  A nice relaxing way to start the season assuming that it can only get warmer.
   Bob E.