Recreating the Bentley Speed Six

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Thanks to Herb for passing this along.
"Wouldn't qualify as a LBC, but could be termed a BBC."

Bob E's report on St. George's Day party

       Despite a late season snowfall forcing a quick move to his main mansion,  Kelvin again hosted the St George's Day potluck and spring warm-up run.  The snow kept any LBCs off the road but it didn't keep a large gathering from taking over his house and terrorizing Jennie, his dog.  
  • Gary took an early lead and held a quick business meeting to get it out of the way before we dived into the food and drink. 
  • Windsor will arrive soon and we should think about some way to promote both the show and our club. 
  • John D. fleshed out the details of his upcoming four (five?) day run into Maine and New Hampshire. It will include a visit to the Owl's Head Transportation Museum and takes place around the 22nd of June. At this point we paused to poke fun at Kelvin who was cleaning up after Jennie.  She apparently doesn't handle shrimp tails well. 
  • John B. proposed a short day tour for the day of our next meeting. 
  • Our next meeting will be at Sam Snead's at the golf course. 
  • Joanna detailed her fundraising efforts for the cancer society.
     At this point food broke out, sending everyone to crowd into the kitchen.  At some point there was a video quiz on famous quotes from past TV episodes and movies which seemed to go over well.  Correct guesses were rewarded with gifts of chutney from Warrington Farms ( Official supplier of fine eats to FABAC ).
      As the evening passed, with poor Jennie staring woefully into the warm house from the patio where she'd been banished, the gathering broke into small groups to chat (or lie), eventually settling around the TV to watch 'Rush'.
      We wish to thank Kelvin and Fiona for their hospitality (and loan of a laptop).  If you need a hand cleaning up, you know where we are.
   Bob E.

John DeW's plan for a June 22nd weekend run

Fredericton to Kittery
595Km  5hr 20min

Fredericton to Houlton Rte 12
122Km 1hr 20min

Houlton to Bangor Rte 2
193 Km 2hr

Bangor to Kittery Rte 1
285 Km 2hr 35min

June 23
Kittery to Rye NH Rte 1
12.6Km 20min
Brit Bits

Kittery to Arundel
47Km 50min
Leyland British

June 24
Kittery to Owls Head Rte 1
205 Km 2hr 15min

OwlsHead to Ellsworth Rte 1
94Km 1hr 20min
Eagles Lodge Motel

Ellsworth to Calais Rte 1 to 193 then to 9
148Km 2hr

Calais to Fredericton
120 Km 1 hr 40mins

Johanna: Why I ride the Great Cycle Challenge (Canada)

This June, I am again taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to raise money for the SickKids Foundation and to show my support for Rebecca Schofield and her #BeccaToldMeTo initiative.

Every year, over 1,400 children are diagnosed with cancer in Canada. Cancer is the leading cause of children’s death from disease in this country.

Children should be living life, not fighting for it. So, it seems only right that as a cancer survivor, I should use the fortune of my good health to help others who are going through this experience.  

Together, through supporting the SickKids Foundation, we can work for better services, improvements in treatment, and perhaps one day a cure.

I would love to have your support.

If you would like to contribute, please contact me or just stop me when you see me, or go to,  enter my name in the “find a rider” search, and follow the prompts.

Thank you,
Johanna Bertin 366-5289

Maybe Earnst can tell us bit about the car he is working on.

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A Fabulous time at Kelvin's St. George's Day celebration.

FABACians doing what they do best.
John DeW's photo memories.
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Kelvin, Fiona and Jenny are wonderful hosts! Thanks so much!!!
- David

Annual St. George's Day Celebration April 22nd

St. George's Day celebration is set for Saturday April 22nd at 6 pm at my place 1335 Route 10, Noonan. It is a pot luck supper so bring some item of food and of course your own favorite tipple.
See you all then at the first get together of the season.


Despite what Mother Nature thinks...

...the Saint George's Day party at Kelvin's is still on. YAY!!!!
Kelvin informed me this morning that it will be in his house rather than the garage. Same address. If you have been there before you will know that when you come in the driveway his house is just off to the left a bit.
So, bring your food and drink and boots and we'll party on.
Park with care.
See you there.

FABAC breakfast Tuesday April 18

Join us for informal chat about everything and anything at 9:00 am at The Coffee Mill top of Smythe Street. We'll be upstairs.

Jag F Type

OK, who is going be the first to buy the new F type. New F type you ask?  Yes there is now a turbo 4 cyl car with close on 340 BHP which is lighter and better handling than the V6 or V8 cars, and all for only $69,000.
Come on! Someone's got to go for it !