Morgan is this year's Rick Swain Choice.

A very special award presented each year at the British Motoring Festival in Windsor NS is the selection of the car that artist Rick Swain would most like to drive home. This year, Rick announced that his choice was a 1968 Morgan +4 SS owned by David Nielsen of the Fredericton Area British Automobile Club (FABAC).

New Product Now Available!

I have recently developed a unique LBC/Camper Conversion kit.  Comfortably sleeps two people.  Convertible so one person can sleep while the other drives.  Great for winter camping—keeps you totally off the ground.  For a small additional cost, can be factory installed.  We plan an initial production run of only 10,000 units, so order now before they’re gone.   For more information contact Larry Heinlein (serious inquires only please).

Interesting Car Story—Wolsley Hornet

Article about 57 custom coach built Wolsley Hornets built for a Heinz 57 (of course) soup contest.  They even came with a picnic hamper, an electric kettle and a 12V receptacle for warming some of Heinz’s best. The very small coach builder had no room to store the cars as they were being built, so stored them at a nearby nudist colony.

Wednesday's Dinner Report

  Hi folks,
     We can't really call last night a meeting since there was little 'meeting' stuff done. Since we were stuffed into the restaurant and intermixed with civilians, Gary had to be discrete and keep it short.
  • The Sussex trip to Adolph's German Restaurant was mentioned as a rousing success.
  • The upcoming Holiday party was heavily advertised with a note regarding the Yankee swap (15 buck limit please) and a charitable donation offering (no limit).
    We chased out all the other patrons soon after eating and gave the floor to John for his now-expected quiz.  Either we're getting more knowledgeable or the quizzes are getting easier as I've noticed that the scores are getting higher.  Robert and Stephen contested the high score with Robert eventually gaining the upper hand with half of the questions correct. Here's a link to a video of the new/old Jaguar that John mentioned in his quiz and that I got wrong (Bob hangs his head in shame).
        And no mention was made about the pork chops.
  Bob E.

For those of you who would like something different in an English classic vehicle

I submit THIS ONE which really flies!
(Suggested by Dan N.)

Starting a 1909 Blitzen Benz

Next time we have a bit of bother with a cold start in our LBC, think about the procedure in starting the 1909 Blitzen Benz, a step by step process that takes about six minutes.  A remarkable car for the time, 200 HP and 140 MPH!  Not many of our cars can equal that.

1909 Blitzen Benz

(Thanks to Phil for passing this along.)

FABAC Monthly Meeting Wednesday

Luna Pizza 91 York Street
5:30 or so
See you there!