Report on FABAC June Meeting

   In Gary's absence, David took the floor and offered to display his underpants(?!)   This offer was declined by the group, so he instead proceeded with the business part.  -
  • Larry made a call for cars for the Stanley parade on July 1st.  Folks are to gather at the government garage at 10:30.
  • Sandra also made a call for folks to attend the Stanley Fair on the 19th of that month.  She suggested that we offer our cars for people to have their pictures taken in them for a donation to the fair.
  •    **Further details of both events will be posted here.** 
  • The Windsor show elicited much discussion with many folks having already made arrangements to stay in Saint John and take the ferry early the next morning. 
  • Johanna offered to arrange a trip to the newly refurbished Lougheed Pub in Harvey. 
  • Bob-n-Rita will host the August meeting at their cottage on Grand Lake. 
  • Bruce's Sunbeam is fifty years old and he's planning 'something'.  Stay tuned. 
  • John finished the evening with a quiz which was won *yawn* by Kelvin. 
  • There was much discussion on whether or not we are going to have a picnic for next month's meeting. It went on for some time and in the end it was decided...actually, David took charge and will be sending out a survey on the subject.  I love this idea and hope we can meet somewhere in town with our respective favourite takeout dishes. 
  • The meeting broke up much too early, however a secret 'after meeting meeting' was held at Tingley's for ice cream.
  Bob E.

FABAC meeting today June 21st

See you at Sam Snead's Restaurant at Kingswood Golf Course on Hanwell Road.
5:30 and onwards.
I believe we are upstairs.
PS: Thanks to Johanna for making the arrangements—again.  :-)

I know about the Peel cars...

...but never heard of this model.
Click on the photo for more about it and where to buy it!

Machining videos

Instructional videos can be pretty horrid.  Here's a series from a gentleman's workshop that are quite well done.  They're entertaining and they get the point across in a slightly humourous fashion.  Here's
his first one on sharpening drill bits:
Bob E.

LeMans Weekend

  It's the LeMans weekend.  Here's a great article from Wired News....

Bob E.  and his multimeter (ask me about it).

Let's do it!

The Loch Pub in Harvey opens for business tonight. We had the pleasure of being invited to their “test” night. The food was excellent, the atmosphere inviting and the service prompt. What is not to love about that?

We should plan a Harvey area run :)


Update on Woodstock Car Show

Unfortunately the enthusiasm that was initially shown for this event did not translate into confirmed numbers wanting to attend. With only 2 confirmed for the above event I have cancelled the planned run.

 Wishing those 2 who confirmed a fine day in Woodstock should you go. Hope to hear your experiences.

  I'll also advise the organizers to cancel the reserved area that I previously requested.


Woodstock Classic Car Show UPDATE- Sunday June 11

  Something came up that the leader for the above event could not make it. Where there was significant interest shown at our last meeting to attend this, I'll lead the group to this car show..... provided there is sufficient interest of at least 6 club cars going. So please confirm your attendance via the site or call me (454-4546) and leave a message if necessary.

  Let's meet at the Riverside Resort near the Mactaquac Dam on Route 102 and depart there by 9:00 a.m. Sunday. The car show is being held at the Woodstock Best Western Plus located off Exit 185 on TCH Route 2. 

  Registration is by donation which goes to support the Upper Saint John Cancer Society. There will be a BBQ on site with the regular hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks.

  Visit their website for further details:


Bob E's report and photos from the Kennebecasis run

Click on Ralph for lots more photos.
      We hadn't even gone anywhere yet and Bruce was buried under the bonnet of the Sunbeam. This was not a good omen and NOT a way to start the first run of the season.  Muttering that all was well, he closed the hood, never to open it again for the rest of the day.
       A magnificent(?) group of nine cars headed downriver under cloudy and cool skies with tops up and windows closed.  No one complained about the condition of the 102 since it was so nice to be finally going somewhere — anywhere, as a group.  We were joined along the way by another couple of couples and hit the Westfield ferry en masse.  The twenty minute drive to the Kennebecasis ferry gave me the opportunity to make a pair of wrong turns (when will you folks learn not to follow me?!) after which we were dumped almost literally at Ralph and Karen's doorstep.
      The afternoon consisted of many tours of the house and garages (there's a secret one tucked away under the porch) and of course, lots of food and drink.  The weather was at least warm enough to let us wander around and keep Nova from trying to drown herself in the river.  No one fell off the non-railled back deck, and even more surprisingly, no one got scalped on the low door in the secret garage.
       Karen-n-Ralph were great hosts and we all enjoyed ourselves.  Ralph has asked for some help moving the Jensen (and parts) from the church in the near future and all are asked to watch here for time and date.
     Thanks folks for a fun afternoon.
     Bob E.

FABAC Breakfasts

The informal FABAC breakfasts instigated by Phil O have been a success so they will be continued. However, there will be no further emails reminding you of them, so you are encouraged to check here regularly for updates. You will notice that there is a listing of proposed dates in green in the column on the right. Always check there before heading out to see if there have been any last minute changes in time or place.