How about a run to Saint John on Saturday?

Moncton Foreign Auto Club has planned a NO RUSH RALLY FALL BARBECUE at TriStar Mercedes Benz dealer in Saint John. Free food!
Meet John DeWitt at Canadian Tire Oromocto 10:00 am sharp.
NOTE: The organizers need numbers to plan food, so please phone John now if you plan to attend.

OktoberFest Oct. 30

     Our annual Octoberfest run will be held on Sunday, the 30th of October. Please gather at the Ramada Inn (north side) parking lot for a 12:30 departure.  The route will take the 105, Trans Canada, back on the 105 meandering to Hwy 10 to around Sussex where we'll drive in circles till we find the restaurant by accident around 2:30. The gang from the Moncton Foreign Car Club will join us again.  This year it's our turn to provide the gift and I'm open to ideas.
- Bob E.

Gasthoff Old Bavarian Restaurant
1130 Knightville Road
Menu here
Payment Cash or Cheque

Kelvin's Christmas Tip

A notice to all the guy's wives or girl friends.
Lost for what to buy your guy for Christmas then how about a Princess Auto gift card? He won't have to go to Moncton or Saint John to cash it in as Princess Auto is coming to Fredericton. Yes, that's right, it's coming to the Corbett Centre, to the new building being built opposite Home Depot and could be here in time for Christmas.
Yubba Dubba Do.!!!

Ho Ho Ho

Our Christmas Party this year will once again be held at McGinnis Landing. It will be held on Wednesday Dec 14 starting at 5:30pm and will be in lieu of our regular monthly meeting.

  Details to follow.


Report on September Meeting

   Both we and the restaurant were unprepared for the turnout last night at the Saigon Noodle House.  This seems to be happening more and more and I suspect that we should book for a larger crowd from now on.
  • Gary (as always) took the floor.  He lamented that we haven't had many runs this year but the ones that have taken place, were all rousing successes.
  • The fall turkey run to the Carter House was well received and well attended despite the rainy weather.  
  • There was a suggestion made to attend the upcoming car show in Saint John but due to commitments, no one is able to go.
  • The traditional Oktoberfest run to Adolph's German Restaurant in Knightville will take place on the 30th (a Sunday) of October.  This is the last day before those with seasonal plates have to stop driving and will be a good opportunity to air out the cars before winter storage. This year it will NOT rain.
  • There will be a run to the 'Whatch-a-ma-call-it" Restaurant in Nackawic coming up soon. Watch for more information.
  • Next month's meeting will take place at McGinnis Landing.
  • McGinnis Landing will also host our Christmas party again this year. 
  The evening ended with one of John's quizzes.  Kelvin had left early, giving others a fighting chance. 
  Bob E.

Stowe 2016 as seen through the lens of John DeWitt

Maybe John or one of the others on the trip could do a little write-up relaying the adventures and Stowe experience. Meanwhile enjoy a sampling of John's photos here.

FABAC Monthly Meeting Sept. 21

 Our next regular meeting, Wed Sept 21, will be held at the Saigon Noodle House. They specialize in Thai/Vietnamese food.  I've eaten there many times and highly recommend it.

 It's located in the strip mall at the corner of Smythe and Prospect. We have a reserved section apart from the main dining area.

 The reservation is for 5:30 PM. There should be lots of free parking available.

  Hope to see many there.


Dern Ferraris are always in the way!!

One expensive car almost hitting a REALLY expensive car.   I have to be impressed though that the owner of the Ferrari actually races kind of guy.

Report on Kingston Tour to Carter House

 A big thanks to John and Shirley Ann for leading yet another great tour to the Kingston Peninsula for a wonderful lunch at the historic Carter House. While the skies were not overly happy with an occasional shower, the always scenic tour certainly made up for it. It's always been one of my favorite trips in NB and to top it all off the home made turkey lunch with the delicious home made pies made for a near perfect day. We had to skip out early and unable to continue with the tour to Dunhams Run Estate Winery so I'll leave others to comment on that portion of the tour. I did say we had a near perfect day but on our return trip home via Route 7 we ran into a major rain downpour that certainly pointed out to the weakness in our MGB top. Hopefully a new top will be forthcoming in the near future.

 All in all it was a great day and just so nice to get out and about.