Dumfries Maple opening weekend

DUMFRIES MAPLES opens the weekend of March 4 th and 5th. If there is interest, I could reserve for Sunday March 5th at 10 am. They seem to like us and would be happy to see us with, or without the British cars. If interested, contact Johanna 366-5289 or post a comment

FABAC Breakfast Survey

 (28 responses as of Feb 24. Did we hear from you?) The information in this posting was sent to everyone on our latest membership list. If you did not receive the survey email, then I do not have your current email address. In fact, you may never have joined FABAC. Either can be easily remedied by clicking on this. If you did NOT get the survey email, you can find it here. This is the text of the survey email:      At our last FABAC meeting, it was suggested that we start having informal breakfast get-togethers on some sort of regular basis. It would be a time to talk cars, weather, politics or the state of the universe.      After we get a sense of where, when and how frequently, we would have a regular posting on our blog at 6:00 the night before encouraging people to indicate if they will be attending. No one wants to eat alone. However, this may turn out to be so popular that eating alone wouldn't happen. However, we'll start with the survey and see how it goes from there.

Now here's an opportunity!!!!

(Suggested by Bob E.)

Report on the FABAC February Meeting

     Nestled snugly between the two almost record breaking snowfalls of 2017, we took a break from shovels and snowblowers to relax at Brewbaker's.

     Gary started the evening by ingratiating himself to the club for some reason.  He didn't really have to since he knows we all like him.   He started by welcoming back Dianne E. who hasn't been able to attend for several months.  Everyone liked her new growth of hair.  Gary then called for trip suggestions for the upcoming year and was met with, surprise, many of them.
  • an early spring run to break in Ralph's new garage.  Better stock up on beer Ralph. 
  • a trip to the Reversing Falls to insect the new diner and not fall off the also new skywalk. 
  • Minister's Island (pay attention to the tides). 
  • The Stanley Fair. 
  • John D. spoke of his planned trip to the US on June 22nd to 26th.  The itinerary features many car-friendly stops.  More information and an itinerary will be posted. 
  • *Windsor*  will be held the 14th to 16th of July.  Last year saw a sizable contingent from here including several non LBC's.  It was record breaking fun. 
  • A suggestion was made to try for another race day at Shubenacadie. 
  • Johanna offered to arrange the maple syrup run early in the spring. 
  • Phil O. suggested monthly breakfast outings. 
  • We'll try for another go cart day in Moncton 
  • Kelvin, sporting a gaudy flowered tie, reminded all of the St George's Day potluck at his garage on the 22nd of April.
  • The membership drive was discussed and Bob E., resplendent in a signature Jaguar tie, displayed some hand out brochures and cards.  I'll make some changes and invite folks to make further recommendations. It was suggested that we mail these to wayward members as a "We miss you." gesture.
    The next meeting will be at the Vault on Queen St.  In my opinion they serve the best burgers in Freddy and will be there with a healthy appetite.
     Aaaaand the evening ended with a quiz...of course it did.  There where lots of prizes this time and many folks went home happy.
    Bob E.

FABAC Meeting February 15th

Brewbakers on King Street
5:30 or so. We can talk about snow and when there won't be any.  :-)

See you there!

Phil O. has a roll bar for MGB for sale in our Buy/Sell page ----->

News from Saint John

Hello everybody,

It is with great enthusiasm we would like to announce that, after many years of searching, Karen and I have been able to find a buyer for the Homeport B&B and we will be moving on to retirement from the innkeeping world as of March 31st 2017.   This will mark the end of a 20 year run for us at Homeport and open a new chapter of travel and relaxation and hopefully more time to spend with friends and family near and far.  We are not going too far as we prepare to move into the home in Milledgeville where I grew up.  We have spent the last two years  renovating this spacious mid-century modern bungalow right on the Kennebecasis River and I encourage everybody to visit.

The Homeports new owners David and Ann plan to continue operating the Homeport as before and I am sure with an enthusiasm and gusto that only a new Innkeeper can bring to the table.  We wish them all the good fortune and interesting experiences we have had as innkeepers to the world.

My car friends will be pleased to know I have provided well for my retirement with the addition of a two car garage (with 10 foot headroom for a proper lift)  and somehow I found space for an attached heated three car workshop garage on the lower level with access from the back lawn.  It has been called the Ragtops and Rust Garage and I have the signage already done  (see attached) Although it has low 6 foot 8 inch head room it will be able to accommodate a full tear down or store three LBC .  There is a 12 foot by 4 foot hardwood topped workbench and as an added bonus when the garage door is open I have a great view out over the Kennebecasis River.  I hope FABAC can plan a run to the big city and maybe a fun afternoon BBQ at the Holyoke .

Please note new email address and phone #:
Ralph - ralphholyoke@gmail.com  cell text 506 647-7436
Karen - kholyoke57@gmail.com  cell text 506 647-1289

Which ride is yours?!


(Bob E. passed this along for your viewing enjoyment.)

Allen Swift's old Rolls



Herb forwarded this story to me with the suggestion that this beats me for length of time owning the same car. The big difference as I see it is that Allen Swift owned his car for 77 years but he is done now since he passed away in 2005. I'm not done yet!  ;-)
- David (and his 49 year old Morgan owned since new)

A fascinating photo collection of "old Haulers"

Click on this one to see many more interesting vehicles.
(Thanks to Mex Bob for passing this one along.)