OktoberFest Run this Sunday Oct. 30

 Gasthoff Old Bavarian Restaurant
1130 Knightville Road
Menu here
Payment Cash or Cheque

Gather at Ramada Inn parking lot (north side) on Sunday, Oct 30th at 12:00 noon, rain or ...it's gonna rain of course so there's no contingency plan for sunshine.

    The route---
  Depart the parking lot at 12:15 along the scenic 105. 
-a short detour along the boring Trans Canada to avoid the partially demolished bridge.
-regain the 105 after Jemseg and turn left onto the 695 heading towards Cambridge Narrows.
-after Crossing the bridge at Cambridge Narrows we turn left onto the lovely and relaxing 710.
-the 710 makes a right turn somewhere after someplace named 'Cody's'.
-join up with the straight and boring (but thankfully short) highway 10,
-just before Sussex, turn left onto Roachville Rd.  I don't remember if there's much of a sign there but if we/you miss it, you/we can pick it  up soon after at the interchange.
-follow Roachville Rd a while until you see the right hand turn onto Knightville Rd....which is on the right.
-at some point the restaurant will appear on the right.

   Maps or GPSs are well advised.  I sometimes get lost and lead folks astray, please be aware of this.
We hope to get there around 2:00 or 2:30 PM.

Bob E.

Boston British Car Show

Here’s a link to some photos, some enhanced, of an all British car show at Faneuil Hall in the Quincy Market in Boston.  Some very nice photography.


- Phil

A few more photos from the Nackawic run

Thanks to Margot for a nice set of photos including Jenny and her handler Kelvin.

Click on Alex for more photos.

Report on FABAC Meeting

   We missed you John....and the monthly quiz.  As the dinner wore down we all looked around expectantly but no one volunteered any form of after meal entertainment.  Hopefully this was a one time occurrence.
   Gary opened by welcoming Dianne E. back to the fold after her recent stay in the Saint John hospital. 
   He then offered congratulations on the running and large attendance of the last two runs. The 'Yes Bye Fries' run was well received with a marked increase in the attendee's cholesterol. The Nackawic outing was also warmly embraced by the club.
    In new affairs, the club was reminded of the upcoming Oktoberfest run on the 30th of this month. A notice will be posted here over the next few days.
    Gary re-affirmed the Christmas/holiday party  on the 14th of December back at McGinnis Landing. Popular events will include a Yankee swap (of course) and a donation basket.  This year's haul will go to the local Multicultural Association for their work with the recent influx of Syrian refugees. There was much discussion on other activities, but other than a club-wide snowball fight, nothing else made the cut.
    Kelvin then regaled us with the sad story of how Jennie (his new puppy) has developed a taste for seatbelts on his new car.  I almost suggested that the dog just stay home but I know how attached he's become to her.
    Next month's meeting will be held at *(flourish of pipes and drums!)*... Luna Pizza on York Street on the 14th 16th. Those porkchops are melting in my mouth already.
   Bob E.

Meeting Wednesday at McGinnis Landing

Summer weather! Tops down!
McGinnis landing around 5:30.
See you there!

Nackawic Leaf Peeping

A beautiful day to embrace autumn in all its glory!
- Jim/Ellie

And from Gary:
We had a great run to Nackawic with a total of nine cars participating. The beautiful and at times breath taking autumn colors were still very much in season as were the spectacular river panoramas that Ellie/Jim's and Stephen's photos show. We really are just so lucky to have nature's best right here in our back yard and it's all free to enjoy. Next year we should do it again but maybe as an autumn picnic along the river??

   We had a great lunch at the Whatchamacallit Diner that Alex/Lise so well organized for us. We then toured the "Big Axe" park on the banks of the Saint John River, yet another beautiful area.

   All in all, we saw some of the best scenery NB has to offer and it truly was beautiful, we had a great lunch with wonderful company and we did it all in less than 5 hours.

  Thanks to Stephen W for suggesting this tour, Alex and Lise for making the diner reservations and leading us to the Big Axe. 

  All in all a great day!
- Gary

See Jim/Ellie's photos here.

See Stephen W's photos here.

Johanna sent this in the hopes that some FABACians might attend. Jim and Ellie made the trek out on the day of the race and kept people's spirits up, even  at the  scariest point of the race.

What is this?

...and why would I want to keep it?
- David

Well, a couple of you had pretty good answers, but here's the scoop. If you ever had the experience of finding 'crumbs' under your aging British sports car, you probably know that that is the symptom of deteriorating seat foam. You may also be aware that one can pay hundreds of dollars on just the foam for the TR6. So, I decided that it was past time for me to replace the foam—not with manufactured molded sets but with home-made components.

     The difficulty with do-it-yourself is the frigging time involved, but I am a natural born frigger. The foam I needed for two seats was less than $100 and consisted of two densities of high quality foam from "The Foam Factory". I was not going to take a chance on wasting any foam trying to get the tapering contours fitting just right so I thought the better idea would be to make a model or template out of solid Styrofoam, cutting and fitting, shaving and trying to get it just right. The photo is pretty close to a perfect fit. Then I made the two components from that. It went well. I did much research to find the right spray adhesive and other tips.

Here is the seat before recovering:

...and here's the seat completed before installing:

No wrinkles, no bulges.
Now I must get started on the driver's seat which will be a bit more work because of the upholstery damage. We'll see how it goes.
- David N.

Day Tour to Whatchamacallit Diner

Last meeting Stephen W suggested we try the Whatchamacallit Diner in Nackawic for a day tour. Alex H did the ground work in checking it out for us. So while there are still some beautiful colours on the trees, let's try it. We'll meet at the Riverside Resort near the Mactaquac Dam this Saturday (Oct 15th) and leave there at 11am via route 104 to Nackawic. After lunch we'll tour the local "Big Axe" park for some local colour and pix and then head home.

 This will be weather dependent.  Barb and I will lead the group.

  Please post your attendance so I can advise the Diner in advance.