Another FABAC breakfast coming up at the Coffee Mill, Aug. 22nd at 9:00AM


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Once again, the E-Type comes out on top.
A smug Bob E.

Saint John Tall Ships Tour Update

 Barb and I will be going to Saint John tomorrow, Sunday Aug 20, to take in the Tall Ships Festival. On board ship tours end at 1:30. For more details please refer to their site at:


 For lunch, I propose we try the Steamers Co. restaurant near the event if it is not too busy. Parking could be an issue so we may end up in the Market Square parking lot.

Should you wish to join us we will be leaving the Irving Blue Canoe near Oromocto promptly at 9am. Where we will be staying overnight to visit family you will have to find your way home at the end of the event.

 Please advise if you are going by this evening latest.

Oh yes, while the weather should be ok bring umbrella's just in case.



Not even Kelvin's Land Rover can match this!!!
(Submitted by Herb W.)

Stanley Fair Update

It continues to rain and is forecasted to rain for the morning so we will not be going to Stanley.


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Here is a collage from yesterday's party at the La Roche's party.

Dave and Pat

Stanley Fair Update—August 19

      Please join those of us going to the annual Stanley Fair that we have been attending for the past three years. We've always had a good time experiencing many rural sights and sounds while at the same time supporting a great community event.

     We'll meet at the Brookside Mall and depart at 9 AM.


A question from new member Ryan

Hello everyone,
I'm just starting to get into this project I got a little while ago and I have a question.

I purchased a 1965 MGB and I'm getting into some wiring. The car is currently set up for a positive ground and I was going to order a retro sound radio(negative ground) for it to make it look cleaner then the one the previous owner installed(doesn't work).

Now has anybody switched their positive ground car to a negative or has anybody bought a voltage inverter if so which company did you go with?


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    "Bob, did you know you have a real nasty crop of deer flies?"
   "If you think they're bad, wait until the hornets smell the food!"
      Ten cars wandered down a great twisty road under perfect skies towards Rita-n-Bob's place on the lake.  Rain had been forecast (it always is) but never appeared.  Crisp blue skies followed us the entire day.
      The cottage visit/meeting/pot luck lunch was a hit.   We mostly lazed around, around the picnic tables and chatted away the afternoon.  This is not to say that BIG events didn't take place.  John B. announced that he was selling the 'B' and looking for something more comfortable, and easier to get in & out of (a place many of us are also thinking about).  He then asked someone to take it to the garage for it's yearly inspection.  This caused a huge fight with Dan eventually beating out all comers.   Unbeknownst to the gathering, Dan wound up buying the B (yes you read it right) while he and John discussed details. John now has money burning a hole in his pocket and will entertain suggestions for something practical with sporting aspirations.
      Bob offered folks a ride on his evil death machine (an ATV) but was turned down by all.  Sorry Bob, the boat was more fun (and safer).
      Gary regaled the gang with stories of his battle with the evil radiator hose, followed by some off-colour jokes from Herb, exchanged in private of course.   At this point a meeting broke out.
  • Gary thanked Rita & Bob for opening their cottage to the demolition crew, and for the food.  The sesame chicken and chili on their own where easily worth the drive. 
  • All were urged to partake of the Stanley Fair this Saturday.  Meet at the Brookside Mall at 9:00 AM on the 19th. 
  • Gary offered to lead a group to Saint John to visit the tall ships on Sunday the 20th—that's this Sunday.  Meet him at the Blue Canoe near Oromocto at 9:00 AM. 
  • Gary then dropped to his knees and sobbing, begged for more runs. 
  • In response, John B (possibly still euphoric after the quick and painless sale of his much loved B) offered to arrange the Thanksgiving run to the Kingston Peninsula. 
  • Robert then offered a 'present' to anyone in attendance but met zero takers, mostly because we had no idea what he was offering. Dan finally took the bait and was presented with a vintage creeper. 
  • The September meeting will be held at 'Mokos' at the Lodge in the Mactaquac Park.  Details will follow.
    The rest of the afternoon was uneventful and pleasant with folks slowly drifting off into the sunset—er, dusty road.
     Thanks again to Rita & Bob for another excellent day on the lake.
  Bob E.

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