E-Type and the newlyweds

For any royal watchers out there, here’s a link to an article about the E-Type that Harry and Megan drove from Windsor Castle after the wedding reception.   https://www.autoclassics.com/posts/news/electric-jaguar-harry-meghan-royal-wedding

The car is not quite what I assumed that it was!


Just British Online Car Magazine

I came across this series of YouTube videos in the latest issue of the Just British Online Motoring Magazine, Britain’s Greatest Machines with Chris Barrie.  Here’s a link to the first video. For anyone who might be interested.

Here’s the description from the online magazine:

The series is Britain’s Greatest Machines hosted by Chris Barrie and produced by The National Geographic Channel. The series, of which there were two seasons for a total of eight episodes, shows the technological progress of the 19th and 20th centuries from a British point of view. Each episode covers one decade.
The episode I am choosing for this week’s feature is the first – Season 1, Episode 1, and showcases the 1930s. Note that the episodes do not go in order. This technological achievements highlighted in this first episode include the De Havilland Dragon Rapide, Sentinel S6 Steam Wagon, Morris Eight & Cat’s Eye, LNER Class A4 Locomotive, Cruiser Mk III & Crusader Tanks, Supermarine S.6B and Supermarine Spitfire. Yes, only a couple of these are strictly automotive related, but they are all interesting.
Other episodes in the series cover such British automotive gems as the Land Rover, the AEC Routemaster bus, the Mini Cooper, the Morgan Runabout, and many more. It is a series certainly worth taking a look at. You can find all of the episodes on YouTube.


Report on May 16th Meeting

Gary, fresh from his recent vacation, held a brief business meeting.
  • Kelvin was soundly thanked for the St Georges day party at his place.  As he wasn't in attendance, we took the opportunity to poke fun at him. 
  • Gary mentioned the upcoming British field meet in Windsor, Nova Scotia this July from the 13th to the 15th.  All are encouraged to attend. 
  • Larry sent notes reminding us about the Stanley Fair on August 18th.  We also talked about him behind his back. 
  • We thanked Bruce for the run to the Loch Pub in Harvey.  Since Bruce was there, we couldn't  talk dirty about him. 
  • David & Carolyn showed up, direct from Montreal, whereupon we had to stop talking about them. 
  • Dwight proposed a weekday run to Minister's Island.  There was concern about the condition of the road and Johanna volunteered to do a recce and report back. 
  • Terry & Rick offered to put on a run to Woodstock the last week of June.  As there isn't much in the way of restaurants there, they suggested a pot luck. 
  • Shirley Ann brought John's greetings from his new residence.  We sent her back with all our best wishes and instructions for her to bring his much appreciated quizzes to the meetings via proxy if he can't attend in person. 
  • The next meeting will be at the Delta (on the patio) on the 20th of June. 
Bob E.

FABAC May Meeting/Eating

When: Wednesday, May 16th, 5:30 or so

Where: Moco Mactaquac
1265 Route 105
Mactaquac, NB  E6L 1B5
At the Lodge within the Mactaquac Provincial Park

Why: To do what we do best—drive and eat!

Who: Anyone who has ever been remotely interested in British sports cars—some of us even have one—but not required.


PS: They normally are closed on Wednesdays, but are opening just for us—we did this once before with them.

A note from Kelvin and a report from Bob E.

Please pass on my thanks to all those that came out today to help to strip down the Landy. We made a huge dent in it. Doors off and striped off locks, glass, etc. Front wings removed, front panel and rad, seat mounts, steering box and pitman arms, amazing in just 6 hours.
- Kelvin

Friday's funtime tool party at Kelvin's

Click on photo for more of the Funtime Tool Party
   See Joe.
See Joe under the old car
See the safety goggles.

   See Bob.
See the high powered impact driver.
See Bob apply the high powered impact driver to a bunch of rusty stuff inside the old car.
See Joe under the car being showered by piles of rusty bits, nuts, old bird's nests, a bullet, and an assortment of 40 years of accumulated junk loosened by the high powered impact driver.
See Joe wish he'd put on the safety goggles.

      Surprisingly, we made lots of progress.  Kelvin owns at least a dozen impact drivers and air ratchets, all of which saw use today, usually all at the same time.  And boy, was it loud...I SAID IT WAS LOUD!   Unfortunately he only has one socket set meaning that we had better not lose that 7/16 socket.   It changed hands every couple of minutes as it seemed that most bolts were that particular size.  Many parts were persuaded to come loose with the pile of disassembled bits growing as the Land Rover grew visibly smaller.
       A lunch break was provided by Fiona who took the occasion to celebrate her promotion to a day job. 
       There will be more opportunities in the near future for FABACians to go where others fear to tread.   Watch here for the next chance to bust some knuckles.
- Bob E.

Loch Pub Run Report

     While we usually wheeze into activity as the spring warms up, this year we leapt into action with a pile of cars and dozens of FABACians heading around George Lake into the Loch pub in Harvey.  The food was excellent as was the local beer, after which we headed home under warm-ish and clear skies.
     A BIG thanks to Bruce for arranging the outing, leading the group, and NOT getting us lost.
     However, we still don't know where we're meeting next week.  Stay tuned!
- Bob E.

Click on the Sunbeam for more of Bob's Photos


Click on ANY red car for photos by Stephen W.

Stripper Party Friday

Kelvin invites all members who fancy getting their hands dirty to a Stripper party at his garage on Friday 11th or Sat 12th. No, there are no girls, no wallpaper, and no paint, just one very rusty Land Rover that requires a little help. You hold the nuts whilst I undo the bolts or visa versa. Food and drink will be provided.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Drive and Dine FABAC Outing

 Tuesday May 8, the Loch Pub in Harvey Station has a reservation for us at 5:30pm.

Meet at the exhibition grounds at 4:30; drive the old TC (Hwy 102) along the river (25 minutes] with a stop at the Hwy 3 weigh scales (exit and go around the scales).

5:00 pm pick up any local joiners and then continue to the Lake George road Route 635 (5 minutes), then south 10 minutes to the road to Harvey (Route 636) and on to the pub (15 minutes).

Great menu and we should have the place mostly to ourselves.  A great excuse to get your car out for a spring run of only 59 km.  The return to town is about 30 minutes on Hwy 3.
Bruce will be your guide 478-1623.

- Bruce

A note from Phil

Just a reminder that there is a FABAC breakfast this Tuesday morning at 9:30 at the coffee Mill
(as well as chance to get together again later that day for supper at the Loch Pub in Harvey at 5:30. - David)

"We drove quite a bit of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina yesterday as well as a lot of back roads in NC.  LBC heaven!  Unfortunately the MGB is still in the garage at home but did speak to one MGB driver near MT. Airy, NC.  We did see a herd of Porsche drivers (8-9 of them) on the Parkway and lots of motorcycles.  Perfect weather for it!"
- Phil
“Off the jack stands and out for a short run around the neighbourhood”
- Dwight