Holiday Party Report

      The 2017 end-year party came and went in high style with the usual hi-jinks and merriment, then peppered with a couple of notable events.  Alex and Lise were congratulated on their recent 58th wedding anniversary.  As noted in the previous post, Al Thomas collected a sizable sum for the Easter Seals campaign.
      We were all terribly disappointed that Gary didn't deliver his famous year end synopsis and there was much subdued whispering about not letting it happen again. Then, John failed to bring one of his quizzes.  I know I'm not the only one that loves these things.
       After dinner, the Yankee swap provided a good hour of fun with considerable horse trading and a bit of outright thievery.  It looked like someone cleaned out his garage with one ancient tool being gifted.  Finally, after having been AWOL for several years, our treasured MG mud flaps reappeared.  Those things are growing a long and esteemed provenance. 
       As folks started to trickle out, Gary hurriedly made a plea for our next dinner location.  It was hotly contested with the Fredericton Inn supporters beating everyone else into submission.  This will be in January on either the 17th or 18th (something to do with the buffet offering).
- Bob E.

  PS: Dianne E welcomes emails while she twiddles her thumbs in Halifax.

FABAC Charity Results

Thanks to everyone, we raised $325 for Easter Seals to help send a "kid to camp".

Two envelopes included cash but no name or address. If you forgot to include your name and address and you want a tax receipt, please contact me.

Again, thank you to everyone.

Al Thomas

FABAC Christmas/Holiday Party - Wed Dec 13

Just to remind you our party will be held again at McGinnis Landing Library room Wed Dec 13 beginning at 5:30pm. We will be having our annual Yankee Swap. For those wishing to participate in the Yankee Swap please bring a wrapped gift in the $10.00 - $15.00 range. As well this year we will be supporting a local charity that Al Thomas has organized for us. It's in  support of a "Kid to Camp" for summer 2018.The program is administered by Easter Seals N.B. for Camp Rotary at Grand Lake.

Hope to see you all there,


Dwight found this and it perfect!

There's an interesting 1949 Austin Devon for sale locally, listed in our Buy/Sell link over in the right hand column.   ----->

Fabac Christmas charity 2017

Al had volunteered to take on organizing the charity part of our Christmas event. Here is an update from Al:

The money will help send a "kid to camp". (summer of 2018)
The program is administered by Easter Seals N.B. for Camp Rotary at Grand Lake.

Each child that attends Camp Rotary has a disability. The average cost per child is approx $925 for the week.

The income tax receipts will be issued by Easter Seals N.B. They will issue an income tax receipt for $20 and above. So please include name and address if you wish to receive a receipt.

I will have a donation box available at the 2017 Christmas party next month.

Thank you
Al Thomas

Tuesday FABAC Informal Breakfasts

We had a very good turnout for breakfast on Tuesday (12) although some weeks it has been as low as five.  I’ve booked us at the Coffee Mill again for the following dates, with a break over Christmas and New Year.
November 28th
December 12th
January 9th
January 23rd
February 6th
February 20th


Report on FABAC November Meeting

       Attendees of the November FABAC dinner/meeting were greeted by the long lost couple, Lise and Alex.  It's been a while and we were all happy to see them again. We almost sang Happy birthday in recognition of his recent birthday (89! Wow!) They were sternly admonished by all for their long absence, and they promised not to be strangers—weather permitting.
  • As a few folks dug into the buffet, Gary opened with a short recap of the Oktoberfest run.  It was well attended by both groups, and for once the weather cooperated. 
  • The upcoming Christmas party  (Dec 13th @ McGinnis Landing) will feature a yankee swap and a charity collection. 
  • John introduced his brother Keith, here visiting from the UK.  
  • There will be a rally from Buffalo N.Y. to Halifax next year.  It's a Hemmings sponsored event and will pass through here sometime in July.  As more information becomes available we hope to perhaps plan a concurrent event in conjunction with their overnight stop. 
  • John Dewitt proposed a run on the Cabot trail sometime in the spring.
       John's quiz proved much more difficult this month with many questions drawing a lot of quizzical faces.  Tim won the contest with John Dewitt coming in second.
 - Bob E.

A few MGB parts for sale

These items were removed from the MGB Roadster v6 conversion that I salvaged, named Kermit by Francis.

Anti-Tramp Bars for MGB.  $150.00 or reasonable offer.  Moss carry a set of non-adjustable bars for US$370.00.  These are adjustable and come with all parts needed for installation.  Call me at 474-0102.
Click on any photo for larger version.
Tube shock conversion hardware for MGB.  New shocks are needed.  Much cheaper than replacing or rebuilding your lever arm shocks. The Moss kit (UD$240.00 including shocks) use Monroe Sensi-Trac shocks which are available locally.  $75.00 or reasonable offer.  Call me at 474-0102.

Leather covered steering wheel with hub and MG centre button, removed from a 1971 MGB.  I believe it is made by Nardi.  Leather is in fair condition.  Offers?  Call me at 474-0102.