Report on January Meeting

      As usual, Gary brought the evening to order with a quick recap of the Christmas party held at McGinnis Landing.   He invited comments and there was a bit of discussion, particularly about  the possibly of using a different location next year.
      We were reminded to think about runs for the upcoming season. 
      A discussion on ways to advertise the club in an effort to recruit more members was held.  It was decided to brainstorm ideas and present them to the group at the next meeting.   The idea of riding on the coat tails of Canada's 150th birthday was proposed.   Some brochures/flyers will be prepared and presented at the next meeting.
      Speaking of the next meeting, it will be at Brewbaker's on February 15th.
      'John's Quiz' ( © ) finished off the evening.  This one featured a broad range of Canadiana questions and was won by Elva.
   Bob E.

Happy winner of Alex's art

At our FABAC holiday celebration, David was the lucky winner of one of two pieces of art donated and executed by Alex. The waterfront view of Fredericton is now framed and ready to be displayed. 
Thanks to Alex for his gifts of art.

FABAC January 18th Meeting

Booked Sam Snead's for January 18, 5:30 onwards.
The downstairs private room was booked, so they put us in the Fedora Room. It is over the main lobby. Have called to see if they have an elevator so we can get Dwight's daughter upstairs.

- Johanna

Margot adds:
I see that Sam Sneads has a "2 can eat for 20.17" in January …last date being the 18th. That might get some folks out of hibernation. For those interested, they still have their steak special on Wednesdays.

Look what made the cover of The Morganeer!

From the Editor

This issue’s cover artwork has an interesting story. It was done by Rick Swain, one of our Canadian members from nova Scotia. each year at the British Motoring festival there rick is asked to do a drawing of the car he would most like to own – to be given away as a prize (the drawing not the car). here is his description of his choice:
The car is owned by David Nielsen of Keswick Ridge New Brunswick. David bought the car new from Metro Motors in Windsor, Ontario in 1968. He had ordered the car sight-unseen and the dealer sent an Air Canada ticket to fly him from Fredericton to Windsor. They met David at the airport and drove him to the dealership. He had already registered the Morgan and had the New Brunswick license plates with him. After discussing recommended break-in technique and such, he headed out for the 1063 mile drive home. He’s had the car ever since.
I would venture to guess he may be the only ‘original owner’ of one of the coveted plus 4 Super Sports. a wonderful story and a great drawing anyway. Thanks Rick. 

Caption contest

Bob E. sent along this:
A warm and wet Christmas eve in Windsor NS.  Granddaughter is trying to stuff crackers in my nose.
Here's a shot from Halifax.

Come up with a great caption for this photo and become famous—in other words, no prize.

Some reading material for those stormy days.

Some great information here for folks who like to tinker with their own LBCs and particularly the SU fuel pump.  Some other great links there too.


Enough information here to keep one occupied over Christmas: