It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a drive today—BUT...

Safe and sound.
I must tell you about a near catastrophe (some call that a "cat's ass trophy").

Anyway, I was on my way into town mid-afternoon when an oncoming truck with a load of something lost, into the air, what looked like a piece of cardboard about two feet square. It swirled in the air and landed vertically in the middle of the road on one corner. When it landed it appeared to act more solid than cardboard as it bounced into the air and slicing directly into my path. It was metal!!! I immediately pulled sharply to the right to avoid it hitting me as it was clear that it was coming my way and intent on eviscerating me. It landed RIGHT where I would have been had I not swerved. I didn't wet my pants but I bet the driver of the SUV behind me, who MUST have witnessed the whole thing, may have.
Keep alert out there!
- David

OktoberFest Run Sunday Oct. 29th

We'll be meeting up with the gang from Moncton's Foreign Auto Club for general tomfoolery.

Gasthoff Old Bavarian Restaurant
1130 Knightville Road
Menu here.
Payment Cash or Cheque

      Gather at Ramada Inn parking lot (north side) on Sunday, Oct 29th at 11:30 noon, rain or's gonna rain of course so there's no contingency plan for sunshine.

The route:
  • Depart the parking lot at 11:45 sharp along the scenic 105.  
  • a short detour along the boring Trans Canada to avoid the partially demolished bridge. 
  • regain the 105 after Jemseg and turn left onto the 695 heading towards Cambridge Narrows. 
  • after Crossing the bridge at Cambridge Narrows we turn left onto the lovely and relaxing 710. 
  • the 710 makes a right turn somewhere after someplace named 'Cody's'. 
  • join up with the straight and boring (but thankfully short) highway 10, 
  • just before Sussex, turn left onto Roachville Rd.  I don't remember if there's much of a sign there but if we/you miss it, you/we can pick it  up soon after at the interchange. 
  • follow Roachville Rd a while until you see the right hand turn onto Knightville Rd....which is on the right. 
  • at some point the restaurant will appear on the right.

     Maps or GPSs are well advised.  I sometimes get lost and lead folks astray, please be aware of this. We hope to get there around 2:00. And no, John, there won't be any alternate routes this year, unless you take one on your own.
- Bob E.

A change in place for next FABAC meeting.

Sam Sneed's is no longer booking private groups in the downstairs room on Wednesdays or Fridays.

We are booked at McGinnis Landing. The restaurant tells me the private room has been recently renovated and we will like it.

Bruce and I will not be there as delightful daughter is giving a talk that evening.

Have fun,

A sale in Amherst, NS. 

Joe passed along this notice that went out to BATANS members. He plans to go with a sack of money:

On Saturday October 21 (rain date Oct 22) I will be opening our garage and barn to members of our club who might want to purchase some of our cars, parts, tools and automobilia. Here is a list of some things we were able to identify that are offered for sale.

- 1938 Morris 8 – partially restored
- 1953 Austin A30 – requires restoration
- 1953 Austin A40 – requires restoration
- 1953 Austin J40 pedal car – restored
- 1950 Thames Truck – requires restoration
- 1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite – requires restoration
- 3x 1969-71 Triumph GT6 – requires restoration
- at least 5 MGBs – require restoration
- 1960 BMW Isetta – runs but requires restoration
- 1952 MGTD – 80% restored
- many A and B series BMC engines
- 1 small motor cycle – possibly Honda 90
- several antique snow mobiles
- 1966 Yamaha 100 twin jet – needs restoration
- Manuals, parts books and sales brochures
- 2x MGA tool rolls – complete
- antique garage equipment
- antique tools
- engine stands
- British and American car parts - both new and used
- a large selection of new Jaguar XKE parts still in the boxes
- signs
- gas pumps

I will be opening the doors at 10:00 AM sharp – NOT BEFORE – and early birds will be told to come back after 10.
Our property is located at 1073 Southampton Rd, RR6 in Amherst NS. Take exit 3 off HWY 104.
 Bring your safety shoes, coveralls and flashlights.
 I will send you more pictures within the next couple of days

Report on the Carter House Run October 1st

     This un-autumn like weather continued on Sunday giving many of us the opportunity to put tops down for the run to the Carter House on the Kingston Peninsula.   Over a dozen cars wandered down the 105 under sunny and not at all cool skies.  We took the long way around and enjoyed a bit of early fall colours on some great roads.  Once at the Carter House there was much discussion regarding the pace set by the lead car.  It was definitely 'lively'.
      We had a full house this year, filling every seat.  Newbies, Beth & Chris Daigle from the Cambridge Narrows area joined us with their TR6.  The Crumley's also brought John's brother and his wife, visiting from Vancouver.
     After dinner the gang continued along the river road to take the Westfield ferry back to civilization(?).  A few of us extended the great driving by continuing along the now repaired (and gorgeous) 102.
      A big thanks goes out to John & Shirley Ann for again arranging this yearly outing.
Bob E.
Click on this happy group for lots more photos.

UPDATE: Kingston Tour and Carter House Turkey Dinner - Sunday Oct 1

While we did not reach the minimum 25 people for the dinner, the Carter House organizers agreed to put their wonderful turkey dinner on for those that have currently signed up. There's still room for others provided I'm advised in advance. (454-4546) (

 As mentioned, we will leave from the Ramada Inn, Fredericton, at 11:15 a.m, Sunday, October 1. We will head down to Jemseg, Cambridge Narrows, Springfield and follow the Saint John River to Kingston.
- Gary

Hey! There are a few seats left for the Turkey Dinner!!

Call/Email Gary now!
 (454-4546) (

A neat trick.

Sometimes a piece of foam is too big to get into where you want to put it. This example is the replacement foam for the headrest on Carolyn's TR6. The results are dramatic.
Let me know if you want to try this some day. (No, I don't do liposuction work.)

The Turkey meal at Carter House is NEXT SUNDAY!

Just in case you were still considering joining us for this great home cooked meal, don't wait! The weather looks good so far. Regardless, it has always been a special event. Call or email Gary as soon as you can. 

 (454-4546) (

Freddy Beach Sept 23, 2017

Click on this beauty for more.

      It's hard to believe that the end on September is giving us blue skies in the high 20s. What better than to have a car show?!   Freddy's best hot rods, antiques, customs with a few oddballs mixed in, showed up at the exhibition grounds on Saturday to air out before the fall, and show off a bit.  Several FABACians visited to drool over the cars with 2CV Bob being the only one to display his car.  Kelvin and I had met up earlier and over the next while crossed paths with Stephen W. and Terry & Karen.
      I was able to reacquaint myself with Andy MacNeil, formerly of World Class Auto, now at his own Garage in Taymouth, (his website).  He knows old cars and offers a full service.  
      I also (finally!) met the famous Jerry Wilcox.  I'd followed a nice Jaguar XJS into the lot (drooling—me, not the car) and as we chatted I realized I'd heard these same stories from Joe.  It seems he's willing to part with the XJS for something under 10 Gs.   If I only had a bigger garage.
      While hanging around in a hot parking lot all day isn't exactly thrilling, I feel that this is a good opportunity to advertise the club and will lobby for a bigger showing next year.
- Bob E (Counting his pennies and measuring garage space.)