FABAC Monthly Meeting Wednesday March 21st

Where: McGinnis Landing on King Street
When: 5:30pm
Why: Only those who attend really know.  ;-)

Spring will have arrived so ALL is well!

Minis vs Mustangs

Here’s a link to an interesting race that takes place in Australia each year.



The Great Race

At a meeting some time ago, I mentioned that Hemmings “The Great Race” was traveling through NB on its way from Buffalo to Halifax and that it might make a nice outing.  They will be in NB on Friday June 29th, having lunch in Saint John and overnight in Moncton.  A link to the schedule is attached.



A really beautiful classic for sale

"You might let our MG-owning members know about this opportunity to own one of the most valued examples: 1933 MG K2 “Magnette” Roadster."

- Dan

Land Rover frame comes home

Yesterday I picked up the Land Rover chassis and masses of spare parts. Got a phone call to say it had finally arrived and left immediately to get it. Luckily it was all on pallets to no help needed. Thanks everyone for the offers of help. I will take a raincheck on those as I am sure there will be need for a workday soon.
- Kelvin
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Bob E's Report on the February FABAC meeting

   The February meeting got off to a disappointing start when it was revealed that Luna Pizza no longer offers their spectacular pork chops.  They are now OFF this writer's list.
   Gary opened with more disappointing news.  Our very own John B is in the hospital but has promised to escape soon.  We'll be sending him a cake with hacksaw blades cooked inside.  I know you're reading this John so please get better soonest, we miss you.
  • The bi-weekly breakfasts are going great but it was requested that we (read- Phil) change the weeks so that we don't have a breakfast the day before out monthly meetings.   He's working on this as we speak (type?) and will put something on the site soon. 
  • Mexican Bob and made an email suggestion about a club outing to the Delta's food-thingy in April. When the price was revealed (a set of forged pistons for an E-Type are cheaper) there was some discussion. 
  • The next meeting will be at McGinnis Landing with Dwight making the arrangements. 
  • Kelvin's St George's Day party will take place around the 23rd of April.  As it is an official holiday only in Newfoundland, it'll probably be on the weekend. 
  • Folks are already talking about the Windsor show.  Better check it out and book soon.  Link will appear here soon too. 
  • Tim had an excellent Show-n-Tell in the form of a replacement headlight which will comply with NB's stupid new DRL law.
    Bob E.

Next Meeting Feb. 21st

Barb has made our reservation for our next meeting at Luna Pizza on Wednesday Feb 21.
- Gary

Moss Motoring Challenge

Some FABACians might be interested in participating in the 2018 Moss Motoring Challenge.  I’ve done so for the past few years and found that it encouraged us to get out for drives and road trips when I might otherwise might have left the Little Blue Car in the garage.  The bonus is that each year I get a new hat!